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About the Order of St. George

The Order of St George is an organization that exists to promote and pursue the timeless traditions of chivalry by compassion and supporting works of charity. The Order is a registered charity and a UN accredited NGO that focuses on supporting charities which work with current and former service personnel, and with Christian communities suffering religious persecution.

The original Order of St George was founded by King Károly Róbert of Hungary in 1326 as a royal and military order of chivalry. After the 1956 uprising in Budapest it was reformed in exile as a commemorative Christian confraternity, drawing its membership from across the Trinitarian Christian denominational spectrum: from evangelical through to Roman Catholic; from Anglican to Eastern Orthodox.

In November 2006, a new United Kingdom Grand Priory was established, with the aim of providing an enhanced programme of charitable and social events. In 2015 two further important milestones were reached when the Order became an officially recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with special consultative status at the United Nations, and we formally established our North American Grand Commandery, supporting our work in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.

The Order of St.George Relief Corps is our in-country operation, working in northern Iraq / Kurdistan bringing medical support to vulnerable communities.  

Today's Knights and Dames of St George uphold the virtues of chivalry and strive to provide a service to humanity by financially supporting good causes, particularly linked to supporting the Christians of Iraq and Egypt, and the welfare of NATO and Commonwealth armed forces personnel.

The Order's UN NGO status
The Order is a UN-recognized NGO with special consultative starus.

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The Order supports a variety of British charities through our UK Grand Priory.

The Order in North America
About the work of our North American Grand Commandery.

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