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About the Order of St. George

The Order of St George is an international association that exists to promote and pursue the timeless traditions of chivalry by compassion and supporting works of charity. The Order of St. George works through our charitable trust and is a UN accredited NGO.

The original Order of St George was founded by King Károly Róbert of Hungary in 1326. It was the very first royal and military order of chivalry. The Order was reformed after the 1956 Hungarian uprising as a commemorative Christian confraternity, drawing its membership from across the Trinitarian Christian denominational spectrum: from evangelical through to Roman Catholic; from Anglican to Eastern Orthodox.

Today's Knights and Dames of St George seek to uphold the virtues of chivalry and strive to provide a service to humanity by actively promoting good causes. St George is the patron saint both of soldiers and of many communities in the Middle East. True to this heritage, we focus our work on supporting the Christians of Iraq and Egypt, and in the welfare of NATO and Commonwealth armed forces personnel.

If you can help the Order, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our Join Us page for details of how to join us.

About our work
The causes the Order supports.

The Order's UN NGO status
The Order is a UN-recognized NGO with special consultative status.

The Order in the UK
The Order supports a variety of British charities through our UK Grand Priory.

The Order in the Americas
About the work of our Grand Priory of the Americas.

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