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The Order and Samara’s Aid Appeal

To help enhance our humanitarian work amongst the victims of the conflict in the Middle East, the Order works in partnership with Samara’s Aid Appeal. This project was set up by Samara Levy to give practical assistance to the innocents suffering in northern Iraq: the women, elderly and young children who are frightened, cold and hungry in tents, churches, schools and abandoned buildings and struggling to survive the bitter winter.

Samara started in 2014 by collecting aid material for another charity and wanted to do more. She has grown from filling boxes of aid material and clothing to filling lorries and containers full. Her organization went from a single person doing the work to networking with 3-4 churches and having them act as staging areas to collect, perform quality control, package, catalogue and label everything.

She is sending lorries full of clothing and other necessities to Iraq, and buying and sending containers to Syria which are then converted into mobile hospital units. She has local contacts in 4-5 northern Iraqi cities that help distribute the containers.

We are asking all members and supporters of the Order to support this vital work by putting together Care Packs and/or Dignity Bags for Samara's Aid Appeal. Club together with your local churches, schools, workplaces, friends and local societies to collect the items needed, or make a donation to the Order's central collection.

Dignity Bags for the Middle East
The Order has delivered a consignment of Dignity Bags to Samara's Aid Appeal.

Practical help for women and girls
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Your help urgently needed
Help us send Care Packs to the Middle East

The Grand Prior's message
The Grand Prior introduces our new partnership with Samara's Appeal

Our Middle East Appeal
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